Valentine’s Day

Posted by Paula Holt, February 14, 2009


Call me a hopeless UNromantic but I think Valentine's Day is a bit overrated. Not that I think my husband and I should ignore it, but a simple card will do. The problem is you can't find a simple card. They are all very wind beneath my wings. Every year I look for a card that basically says "I love you" and "I'm glad we're together". To find that I have to sort through all the cards that say "When I met you everything changed. It was like I was finally alive. Now I know that all things are possible because with you and because of you I am a better person." It's just too much. And gifts, forget it. Maybe it's because my birthday is a few days before Valentine's Day. I've already gotten a nice gift. We also do gifts for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and our anniversary.  

It's not that I'm opposed to romance. What I like is romance that means you are thinking about ME, and not just thinking about what you are supposed to do to be romantic. Recently I commented to my husband that I had a hard time finding a decaf tea I like. About two weeks later he had to go to the store and when he came back he had a box of my tea. It made me feel so good that he thought of me and what I wanted while he was at the store. It didn't even matter that I had already found the tea and we had 5 boxes in our pantry. That one box of $4 tea was more special to me than a dozen roses or a box of chocolates could ever be.

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