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I am fascinated by marriage. It is a fundamental institution in our society, yet many believe it has outlived its usefulness. The odds of being happily married till death do us part are fairly low, but each year more than 2 million hopeful couples in the United States take the plunge into holy matrimony. In fact, hope is primarily what we rely on to guard against the challenges of sharing a life with someone.

Thinking about our reliance on hope piqued my curiosity and set me off on a path to learn more about marital issues and how to overcome them. Having already completed my degree in sociology at Stanford and gotten an MBA at Northwestern, I decided to skip additional student loans and create my own study program.

I trained in some of the premier marriage education programs including The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Bringing Baby Home, Prepare/Enrich and Couple Communication. My research also included meeting with numerous therapists, reading books and interviewing married couples. I even got married myself! (Ok, I did not do that for research purposes, but it does mean I understand firsthand what couples experience.)


In 2009, I created the blog Marital Musings to explore marriage topics and share the information I was learning. During that time, I guest blogged for LA Family and contributed to articles for the Huffington Post and Business Insider. Last year, I launched this new website with a complete redesign, but with the same focus on marriage.

I was born and raised in Chicago, and after my college years in California and later a short stint in NYC, I am back in my hometown. I live in the city with my husband of 13 years, our tween son and preteen daughter. Currently, I do not have a dog because I can’t figure out how to handle a new addition to our family. I’m really thinking about getting one, but in the meantime, I will happily pet yours if it’s friendly.


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