Paula_HoltI’ve been fascinated by marriage for more than a decade. When I became determined to better understand what makes marriage flourish and what makes it falter, I had already completed my degree in sociology at Stanford and gotten an MBA at Northwestern. So, I decided to skip additional student loans and created my own study program.

I trained in some of the premier marriage education programs including:

  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
  • Bringing Baby Home
  • Prepare Enrich
  • Couple Communication


My research also included meeting with numerous therapists, reading books and interviewing married couples. I even got married myself! (Ok, I did not do that for research purposes, but it does mean I understand firsthand what couples experience.) In addition to my training and research, I’ve been a contributor to many websites on the subject of marriage preparation and improvement.




I was born and raised in Chicago, and after my college years in California and later a short stint in NYC, I’m back in my hometown. I live in the city with my husband, son and daughter. Currently, I don’t have a dog because I can’t figure out how to handle a new addition to our family. I’m really thinking about getting one, but in the meantime, I will happily pet yours if it’s friendly.

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